Our Core Value

• Passion Agility and Innovativeness: We are committed to delivering high quality products, services and innovative technologies that shall help and improve the communities and environment in the kingdom.

• Customer Focus: We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs by providing quality and honoring the commitment that we made to them.

• People Centredness Safety: We believe in the inherent worth of our employees and treat our team members, customers, partners and suppliers with mutual respect and sensitivity.

• Integrity: We accept responsibility for our actions, make and support business decisions through experience and good judgement

Company Purpose

To improve the efficiency, the performance and to reduce the impact on the environment of the industry in Saudi Arabia by delivering and installing quality products and innovative technologies, maintaining, servicing, revamping and upgrading machinery in power generation  and industrial plants.

Our Mission

• To become the services company most known in Saudi Arabia for searching, delivering and installing quality products and innovative technology contributing to make the local industry more efficient, competitive and environmentally friendly.
• Enhance our reputation as a company by providing outstanding service and aim for smooth commissioning and on time delivery of our projects.
• Value our suppliers and subcontractors as Partners.

About us


KAFOU Technical Services co. LTD is an electromechanical services provider based in Saudi Arabia, Al-khobar. KTS was established by KAFOU Corporation in the year 1999 with the aim of meeting the needs which included power and water generation industry.
KTS provides technical services in Saudi Arabia for many power generation brands like, FiatAvio, Westinghouse, GE and MHI gas turbines, steam turbines, compressors and generators as well. Over the years KTS supplied new parts, repair of parts, overhauling of rotors and executed projects in the field of services. 
KTS also providing technical support to Saudi Arabia industrial market for wringing separators technology for air & gas filters.
KTS Posses its own faculty of 500 square meters workshop in Khudariah Dammam where we have full facilities for steel structuring, pipe fabrication, machining and Gas turbine auxiliaries repair. 

Quality System

We at KAFOU fully understand that our accomplishments lie in maximum customer satisfaction which is achieved by consistently providing quality products and services in accordance with customers' needs and expectations. Our commitment to quality is driven by the following guiding principles:
•Understand current and future customer needs and strive to exceed customer expectations.
•Identify and delivering innovation technologies and services that fulfill the markets needs.
•Strictly adhere to any legal and regulatory requirements that apply to our services.
•Strive for continual improvement of our services based on objectives settings and measurements.
•Continuous updating of every employee's skills and competencies and improving quality in his work function.

Our Activities


Gas Turbine And Generators

Inspection of hot and cold gas path, bearings and other major components Vibration analysis, balancing, aligning and start up Repairs and replacement of
•Major parts/components:
    i. rotors
    ii. blades
    iii. vents
    iv. combustion parts
    v. compressor diaphragms
•Expansion joints:
  i. Complete overhaul from flange to flange.
  ii. Generators overhaul for rotor and stator, re-winding and complete life assessment Relocation.


Electro/Mechanical Engineering Solution

•Supply, erection, testing and commissioning of:
    i.heat exchangers, condensers and heaters
    ii.on line turbine washing system
    iii.all type of air compressors and dryers
•Design, pre fabrication, erection, testing and commissioning of piping systems
•Installation, testing and commissioning of:
    i.LV, MV, HV cables.
    ii.transformers, switchgears, panel boards, circuit breakers and MCC's
•Calibration and testing of protective relays, UPS, battery banks
•Instrumentation & control system inspection, modification and upgrades




Fluid Filtration System For All Type Of Industry

•Supply, erection, testing and commissioning of:

    i. gas filtration system.
    ii. air/odour filtration system for industrial sector.
    iii. waste water treatment equipment.
•Provide complete turn key projects for water desalination plants.
•Stand alone solution for sewage treatment.


Protection Systems Study, Analysis And Implementation

Supply, testing, calibrating of relays for:
•all type of distribution systems.
•transformers and feeders.
Power system study for:
•load flow.
•short circuit.
•transient stability and protection coordination.
Supply of complete integrated system for:
•fire and hazardous gases detection / suppression.
•process surveillance.
Thermoproof insulation blankets for sensitive components and instrumentation.
Scanning for potential heat leakage, identifying of existence of hazardous areas, releasing full reporting with recommended remedies.
Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of high quality thermoproof material for perfect heat insulation

Spare Parts Supply

•OEM parts

•Full warranty
•Expedite delivery process for emergency parts
•100% on time delivery as per our track record
•Competitive pricing
•Regional stock holding
•Parts repair, refurbishment and reconditioning

Contact Us

Saudi Arabia 
Al-Khobar 31952
P.O. Box 79553

Tel: +966 (13) 882 - 5067
Fax: +966 (13) 882 - 4960